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My List

You can make a list of trails you want to explore and save it for later. Here’s how it works:

At the bottom right hand side of every hike (you must scroll down), you’ll see this icon:

Add to your list icon

Click on this and it will add the hike to your list. To view the items on your list, you’ll see a floating menu in the bottom right part of your screen that says “View Your List.” Click on this and you’ll be able to view the items on your list, or delete the whole list. Unfortunately you can’t delete one trail at a time. Once you add a trail to your list the “Add to your list” menu will disappear from that trail’s page.

You can view your list later, even after closing the page and browser (if you use the same computer and browser as before).


The list will be saved to your browser. If you delete the cookies from your browser, you will lose your trail list.

Remember! to add a trail, you must SCROLL DOWN to the bottom right-hand side of the trail. This is different from VIEWING your list, which you can view no matter where you are on the page.