Moderate Bike Trails

 Overlander Falls

Here are some moderately hard biking trails

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Trail Name,Distance (2 ways /loop),Difficulty,Description,Status,Elevation Gain

Kinney Lake,~10km,difficultyeasyEasy to difficultymore Medium,Cyan Lake at the base of Mt. Robson. The trail is rocky in patches but wide and well-used,open,131m/430ft

Overlander Falls,0.6km / 5km,difficultyeasyEasy to difficultymore Medium,Two options for trails one short one long. Fairly narrow. Remember the first Overlanders who came by horse and boat,open,71 m / 232 ft

Swift Creek Lookout (1.85km turnaround),3.7km,difficultyeasy Easy difficultymore medium,Great views for a short hike; mostly flat then a very steep section,open,37m/120ft

Swift Creek Loop,10km,difficultymore┬áMedium,Great viewpoint & giant cedars – loop back on a logging road,open but construction underway on trail,200m/650ft

5-Mile Road & Viewpoint,14km,difficultymore difficultymost,moderate to steep gravel road,open,670m / 2200ft