Hard Hiking Trails

Hiking poles are useful for steep sections. Swift Mountain Summit Trail.

Hiking poles are useful for steep sections. Swift Mountain Summit Trail.

Here are some challenging trails. These are challenging because of one or more of the following factors: elevation, distance, time, steepness etc. It’s important to be cautious when setting out on a challenging hike. Ensuring you have good footwear and enough water is essential.

Here are some hard hiking trails

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Trail Name,Distance (2 ways/loop),Difficulty,Description,Status,Elevation Gain

Mt. McKirdy (meadows & cabin & ridge),6 to 8.4 km,difficultymost,Great views of Kinbasket Lake; the Premier Range; and Mt. Robson. Alpine flowers. Can overnight in cabin (3km to cabin),(ski/snowshoe until June), 550m/1800ft

Lily Meadows (meadows & lake),7.5-8.4km,difficultymost,Waterfalls and alpine lakes with meadows full of alpine flowers in June/July,open (ski/snowshoe until June),700-800m / 2625ft

Mt. Trudeau (Alpine meadows & lake),6.4km,difficultymost,Steep trail to marshy meadows with waterfall and lake. Lots of mosquitoes.,open (ski/snowshoe until June),336m/1200ft to meadow

Swift Mountain (Summit),10km,difficultymost,Trailhead starts high up; still a steep climb and usually lots of mosquitoes,open (ski/snowshoe until June),800m/2600ft

Mica Mine Trail,9km,difficultymost,Often wet trail below opening to steep meadow and historic mica mine sites (with remaining mica flakes). Views of Mt. Robson and valley,open (ski/snowshoe until June),850m/2800ft

5-Mile Road & Viewpoint,14km,difficultymost,Moderate to steep gravel road with access to bike and hike trails and some views,open (ski/snowshoe),670m / 2200ft

Mount Terry Fox